Professor Maja combines sociology with sequins for a charismatic storytelling experience on women’s everyday obstacles with confidence.


Her informal, witty and energetic style of speaking educates and inspires women to get out of their comfort zones and take action! Professor Maja can customize her talks to your audience.





Apologies are confidence killers. So, why are women apologizing all the time, and why does it matter? In this workshop, you will learn about the gender and racial differences in apologies and other communication patterns such as feminine modesty (the tendency for women to downplay their achievements) and deflection of praise.  You will also learn strategies to stop apologizing for needless issues and how to own your accomplishments by turning your apologetic communication style into confidence-building lingo. Lastly, you’ll learn what Professor Maja’s global study on confidence has shown thus far.




Do you ever feel like you’re never good enough or smart enough? Do you feel like you don’t belong and that somehow, you’ve fooled people and you’ll be exposed as an imposter or fraud? Research shows that the imposter syndrome is something we all go through, but women are more negatively impacted by it. In this workshop you will learn how the imposter syndrome is influenced by our family, careers, caregiving duties, and academic stress. You’ll also learn how the imposter syndrome shows up in our lives (through a fear of failure and the expectation of perfection), and strategies we can immediately implement to manage our self-doubt.



Do you feel you need to be perfect at everything you do? Do you avoid new experiences or opportunities if you think you won’t be perfect at it? Do you believe mistakes are a sign of weakness? In this workshop we will explore how destructive the pursuit of perfectionism is. Research show that perfectionism is on the rise and it’s making us sadder and more disconnected. In this workshop you’ll learn the difference between how perfectionist deal with success and failure versus optimalists. You’ll be given strategies on how to increase your optimalist thinking styles and behaviors so that you’re no longer paralyzed with perfectionism.  



When you fail at something do you ruminate and overthink every detail? Do you magnify the negative in your life and minimize all the progress or the positive? Research shows that girls/women suffer from overthinking their mistakes and failures and this negative loop can lead to procrastination and avoidance along with increasing stress and anxiety. In this workshop you’ll learn how to stop overthinking your failures by pivoting to a more self-compassionate response. You’ll learn how to recognize when these automatic negative thoughts (ANT’s) pop up and how self-kindness and not self-judgement can help us stop internalizing our mistakes.




When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, how do you talk to yourself? Do you use negative self-talk, while constantly reminding yourself of your mistakes? Research shows that negative self-talk doesn’t work, it only makes us feel worse. In this workshop you’ll learn why self-compassion instead of self-criticism can transform your mindset and your mood. You’ll also learn when and how to implement self-compassion strategies. But most importantly, you’ll learn how to stop measuring yourself up against others, and instead pay attention to how you treat yourself.





Everyone thinks they can effectively multitask, but the science shows us only 2% of people can successfully multitask. The more we multitask, the more we’re developing the habit of distraction, and destroying our ability to focus. In this workshop we’ll discuss the latest data regarding multitasking and time management. In this workshop, you’ll learn about science-backed strategies to help you effectively manage your time so that you’re spending it on the experiences, opportunities and people that fill you up and not drain you.






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On behalf of Insurance Business, it has been an absolute privilege to partner with Professor Maja as our keynote in the 6-city fall Women in Insurance Virtual Conference Series. From our audience in London to Chicago to Toronto, Professor Maja quickly demonstrated her unique way of both relating to attendees, while also challenging them to be better with tangible steps to grow as a leader. Her powerful talk on Forget the Apologies, and Learn to Lead with Confidence set the tone for the day and is one of the best topics not only seen at the WII conference, but across our many verticals. Thank you, Professor Maja, for partnering with IB Magazine to empower and encourage women globally! 


Jesse Friedl /

Insurance Business

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