Professor Maja combines sociology with sequins for a charismatic storytelling experience on women’s everyday obstacles with confidence.


Her informal, witty and energetic style of speaking educates and inspires women to get out of their comfort zones and take action! Professor Maja can customize her talks to your audience.



Do you ever find yourself apologizing for minor issues? Do you have difficulty accepting praise or compliments? Do you ever downplay or minimize your accomplishments? Do you worry that your confidence is misperceived as cockiness? Have you ever dimmed your light to protect other people’s feelings? If this sounds like you, then this talk will clarify what your confidence killers are, and help you take deliberate action to grow your confidence!

Discover why women over apologize and how we can switch out our “apology-lingo” for leadership lingo.

Learn how unconscious gender and racial biases work to diminish our confidence.

Learn how to deal with failures and criticisms so we don’t ruminate and internalize them.

Discuss actionable science-backed strategies on how we can GROW our confidence.




Are you a perfectionist or people-pleaser? Suffering from the nice-girl syndrome? Tired of saying "yes" to everyone else's demands of your time? Do you doubt your own capabilities, or feel like a fraud or imposter at times? Does your desire to be perfect lead to procrastination or avoidance techniques? In this session, you will learn how destructive perfectionism is, and the consequences to both our confidence and our careers.

Examine the Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANT’s) that can fuel our perfectionist tendencies.

Learn how our fear of failure is to perfectionism, and how to handle our mistakes and failures in a more productive manner.

Discover time-management strategies backed by scientific studies to help you focus and prioritize what is most important.

Learn how to prioritize the people and experiences that matter and say NO to the rest!





Multitasking is a myth and trying to do it all kills our productivity and our confidence. Yet most people believe they can effectively multitask. They can’t. Multitasking gives us a false sense of accomplishment as we tend to be busy instead of productive. In this workshop, you’ll learn why multitasking ruins productivity, disrupts our creativity and creates the habit of distraction. Rarely does greatness happen haphazardly, so learning how to anticipate and remove distractions and interruptions in a routinized way is a key ingredient for success.

Cultivate the rare skill of monotasking while also embracing boredom.

Learn how powerful routines and rituals are for time management and productivity.

Understand how multitasking during COVID-19 has worsened gender inequality in the home and at work.

Learn how to say NO to others in order to say YES to ourselves.






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On behalf of Insurance Business, it has been an absolute privilege to partner with Professor Maja as our keynote in the 6-city fall Women in Insurance Virtual Conference Series. From our audience in London to Chicago to Toronto, Professor Maja quickly demonstrated her unique way of both relating to attendees, while also challenging them to be better with tangible steps to grow as a leader. Her powerful talk on Forget the Apologies, and Learn to Lead with Confidence set the tone for the day and is one of the best topics not only seen at the WII conference, but across our many verticals. Thank you, Professor Maja, for partnering with IB Magazine to empower and encourage women globally! 


Jesse Friedl /

Insurance Business

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